Thursday, June 15, 2017

Recycle Planter

1 Cheese Puffs container
1 can Krylon Stone Coarse Texture Black Granite Spray Paint
Potting Soil
Plant * mine are cherry tomato seedlings
Drill or an Awl and a hammer

Clean label off container, make sure it is completely dry.
Drill drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Or us the awl and a hammer to punch hole into the bottom of the container so if you overwater the excess will drain out.
Spray paint the container and wait 12 hours for it to dry.
Add enough potting soil to fill it, I used about 20 cups.
Then add your seed, a seedling or a plant.
Water as normal per plants instructions.

*I used the Krylon Stone Coarse texture black granite spray paint this because it made it look like it was made of stone instead of a plastic cheese ball container.

The start.                                      Spray painting it.                                        After planting.

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  1. These look so easy to make and looks like it will serve so many purposes! i think i will make this on weekend and place in garden

    1. Thats great. It looks like you are a new follower. It's nice to meet you, and thank you for all the comments and saying hi.

  2. Now that is perfet use of Jar and this is not hard to make. You did wonderful job here and I so want to try it out and hope that I will do good while making it. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us

    1. Thank you so much, and it was very easy even my kids did some. You are welcome, stop back by for our upcoming tutorials.