Friday, December 8, 2017

DIY Cone Trees

Cones (3 came in a bag from the .99 cent store)
Eyelash yarn (one ball .99 cent store)
Beads 3ft (.99 cent store)
Hot glue ( the gun and it came with glue came from the .99 cent store)
A pack of 12 bows ($.99 cent store)
Box of sequins pins 100 (.99 cent store)

Start by heating up the hot glue gun.
Then put a dab of glue on the of the yarn and wrap it around the cone.
Make sure to wrap tight and close together.
Adding dabs of glue on as you wrap to keep it in place.
To add the beads I used the pins, in between each of the bead is sting and so as drape I place a pin at the top and go once around and pin it in place.
Then just keep going till you finish cut off and excess beads you don't need.
The second one was done with ribbon I had from a gift I was given last year.
I saw these being sold in a store for $35.95 and I though. "Wow I can make that and for a lot less." So made the two of these for around $3.00.

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