Saturday, April 16, 2016

Maple Bacon Cream Cheese Fudge

6 oz Ghirardelli white chocolate chips
(1) 4 oz block cream cheese (softened)
2 cups powder sugar
1/4 cup butter
4 drops maple extract
3 pieces bacon (precooked, cooled and crumbled)
Wax paper

Line a 4x4 pan with wax paper.
Mix the butter, cream cheese, sugar, maple and butter with electric mixer.
Melt chocolate chips in microwave, 30 sec intervals then stirring.
Mix all together.
Pour into prepared pan.
Sprinkle the bacon on top and pat into fudge.
Place in fridge and let cool 2 hours.
Remove from fridge, turn over onto a cutting board and peal wax paper off.
Then cut fudge into squares.
Turn them right side up, place on a plate and serve.


  1. This is a different take on fudge. Interesting! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day, Heather.


    1. You're welcome, it only lasted 5 minutes at my husbands work.