Sunday, November 29, 2015

Espresso Fudge

3 cups sugar
1 (5 ounce) can evaporated milk
3⁄4 c butter or margarine
1 (7 ounce) jar marshmallow cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 squares baking chocolate chopped
2 tablespoons instant espresso
Candy thermometer
Butter one 9x9-inch pan.

Combine sugar, evaporated milk, butter, espresso, and marshmallow creme in a 6-quart saucepan.

Cook over medium heat. Boil slowly for 4 minutes, stirring constantly, till temp reaches 234° F with candy thermometer.
Remove from heat, stir in vanilla extract, and chocolate.
Pour into buttered pan.
Let stand for 4 hours till room temp, then cut into one inch squares.
Store in air tight container, give as gifts or snack on during those present wrapping sessions!

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  1. This fudge sounds wonderful! The chocolate and espresso would give it a unique flavour. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Love coffee flavored anything, so I loved and still do love, making this recipe for friends and family! Thanks for stopping by Sandi!

  2. This sounds amazing!!! I only recently discovered the joys of coffee or expresso mixed into desserts. lol.

    I will definitely be saving this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome Karen I am glad you like it.

  3. Oh my! This sounds heavenly! Thank you for sharing this recipe on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)

    1. Jes you are welcome! Hope to hear from you again soon.