Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY- Snowman Candle Holder

My 16 year old's French class goes caroling every year. I thought it would be nice to have something festive to use for candle light, so I made snowmen candle holders for them.

1 plain Mason Jar mug
1 can Snow spray
1 newspaper
6 black small pompoms (for the face)
1 orange medium pompom (for the carrot nose)
your choice of ribbons (for the hat)
1 black pipe cleaner (for the hat)
Hot Glue

Clean your mug and make sure it is completely dry.
Lay newspaper down and set dry mug on top.
Spray Snow on all 3 sides of the mug, not the handle.
Glue 2 black pompom for eyes.
Glue 4 black pompoms for a mouth.
1 orange medium pompom for a nose.
Glue ribbon round the rim of the glass for a hat.
Glue a pipecleaner around the ribbon for the brim of the hat.
If you like glue a different ribbon around the base for a scarf.
Insert candle of choice and light.

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