Friday, December 4, 2015

Debbie Downer

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but sometimes we get blue or sad, and have a hard time moving past it. What do you do when you feel down and can't move past it? A few things I have learned to help are:

Cry it does help you feel better. Crying serves an emotional purposes it relieves the buildup of emotional energy. It's also believed to release stress hormones and toxins from the body.

Working out can also help. It gives you endorphin's which is a happy feeling chemical your body releases when you work out. It also makes you focus on something else. You start to feel more in control as well.

Start a project you have been putting off. By starting something you have been putting off you refocus and feel accomplished by getting it done. This can lead to more things getting done or new things getting started.

Reach Out to family and friends. Family and friends can help you air out what you have been feeling and they can give you a fresh perspective on the situation. This will also help to bond you and there again you can feel stronger and more relaxed.

Pamper yourself you deserve it once and a while. Just take a day once and a while and treat yourself to what ever you enjoy. A pedicure , a manicure, a massage or a makeover what ever you do, do it for you! This will help you to relax and make you fell better about yourself.

Turn Up the Tunes take your favorite song or band and blast them out sing along, dance it out. This again can release endorphin's which is a happy feeling chemical your body.

Breath just take ten minutes a day in a quite place and breath. Focus on just breathing and this can reset you mind and body so you can focus.

Laugh it away. Laugh yoga is a new way of relaxing, unwinding, and bringing you wall down by again releasing endorphin's. We have all heard laughter is the best medicine and in a lot of cases it is!

Heres a link to some herbs that can also help:

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