Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Do Teens Want?

I ask my kids every year. "what do you want for Christmas?" I get the standard response. "I don't know, a newer phone." I am not about to buy a new phone just because they have a cooler phone model out their phone works just fine. But what I did notice is that they are becoming more independent and maybe gifts should be for this independence.

  1. Movie Gift Cards-Get them a gift card for the movie theater of choice you can't go wrong with that.They won't leave the house asking for cash if they have their gift card with them.
  2. A new key chain with something they love on it. My Libby loves everything French so I got  an Eiffel Tower key chain. Her turning 16 makes me feel old but I think the independence of driving is crucial in a teens life.
  3. An experience. My youngest daughter loves surfing so we got her a package deal for surf lessons. You can find lessons or excursions from a bunch of different sites for cheaper then just showing up and paying then and there.
  4. Memorable gift, I got them a memorabilia gift. At the age of thirteen I got them a silver and gold Hersey Kiss music box. I figured at this age they are responsible enough to take care of something like this. Like the snow globes that I got at their age. 
  5. Something silly because they still are kids and need to have fun. Gag gift are fun and funny my kids enjoy them and share with their friends who love them as well. Like the Fanny Bank that farts when you put money in it. 
  6. A book is always something we give. Reading broadens their knowledge and horizon and helps them to unplug from the virtual word.

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  1. What great suggestions Heather! This should be very helpful to many!!!

  2. Some creative suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mrs.T you are welcome, I hope these helped.

  3. Heather, your suggestions are wonderful and sure to please any teen. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Your welcome Sandi, I am so glad you stopped by.