Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lunch Time Hacks

My kids have different schedules for getting up and going to school. One is in high school and has zero period so the class starts at 6:50 am. My other has the traditional middle school track and school starts at 7:50 am. So these are the things we have come up with to help make their own lunches fast and easy are:

1. Have some sandwiches pre-made and in the freezer. Peanut or almond butter and honey, peanut or almond butter, peanut or almond butter with cinnamon and sugar, and peanut or almond butter and jam.  I don't buy the Uncrustables because they don't let you get the bread you want, and the filling proportions aren't correct.

2. Make up tuna, chicken, or turkey salad before hand. I make up a large can of tuna salad, you know mayo and pickle relish, put it in small containers in the fridge. Shred chicken or turkey to make a salad, with walnuts and grape halves and mayo, put those into small containers in the fridge. They can grab 2 slices of bread and bag it, or like they like to do, use their chips/crackers to eat it.

3. Box up veggies and dip. I place them in a section of the fridge that can just be grabbed ours is the top drawer in the fridge. I make three different kinds but you know what your kids like. I make carrots with a ranch dip, celery with hummus, cucumbers with ranch, and celery with peanut butter and cucumbers with hummus. We got the reusable containers at DIASO 10 for $1.50 that are for dressing you just put the dip in it and box up the veggie of your choice.

4. Roll ups, I roll up meats and cheeses and bag them up. Make sure to use a paper towel and take all the excess juices off the meats before rolling the cheeses with the meat. Then just bag them up. My kids will just eat them like this because they are already having chips or crackers and don't need the bread.

5.In the fruit bin in the fridge we have the normal apples, oranges, pears but we also have portioned out containers of blueberries, pineapple chunks, grapes, and apple sauce. This can be whatever you families favorite fruits are, the possibilities are endless. Only make enough containers for the week or so, this way the fruit won't go bad before it's ate.

6. Juices I put them in the freezer. This frozen juice will act as and ice pack for their lunch. By the time lunch comes around it's kind of like a slushy. The juices need about 6 hours to thaw all the way, but we like them slushy so we take them out around 6 am and they are consumed by 11 to 11:30 am.

7. Snacks, I lined up the snacks and placed a sticker on them that said "Take 1 of each." So they can have one bag of chips or Wheat Thins. And they can have one bag of cookies or pudding cups.

8. Finally the silverware I know this fight. We use to send actual silverware but sometimes it would accidentally get thrown away when they dumped the trash from their boxes. So now we bought them these cute silverware containers that get Velcro into the lunch box. They were at Diaso for $1.50  and they have had them for 2 years. They have different styles to choose from, cat, dogs, anime.

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  1. More great tips, Heather! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Sandi its great to hear from you again, Merry Christmas.